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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Model, design and implementation of LCC converter for power generation and distributed generation.Bastos, Renan Fernandes; Dias, André Lage Almeida; Machado, Ricardo Quadros
2018A tensor product model transformation approach to the discretization of uncertain linear systems.Campos, Victor Costa da Silva; Vianna, Letícia Maria Sathler; Braga, Marcio Feliciano
2019Versatile ultrasonic spectrometer for liquids with practical sample handling by using standard cuvettes.Tiago, Marcelo Moreira; Higuti, Ricardo Tokio; Oliveira, Samuel L.; Assunção, Edvaldo; Kitano, Claudio; Elvira, Luis
2019A test-bed for researching the interactions of underexcitation and overexcitation limiters of synchronous generators with protection functions.Coelho, Aurélio Luiz Magalhães; Silveira, Paulo Márcio da; Baracho, Francisco Ricardo Abrantes Couy
2019Subspace identification of linear systems with partial eigenvalue constraints.Ricco, Rodrigo Augusto; Verly, Anny; Paula, Marcus Vinicius de; Teixeira, Bruno Otávio Soares
2017Digital redesign of analogue dynamic output-feedback controllers for polytopic systems.Morais, Cecilia de Freitas; Braga, Marcio Feliciano; Tognetti, Eduardo Stockler; Oliveira, Ricardo Coração de Leão Fontoura de; Peres, Pedro Luis Dias
2020Mapping prior information onto LMI eigenvalue-regions for discrete-time subspace identification.Ricco, Rodrigo Augusto; Teixeira, Bruno Otávio Soares
2020Systematic design of a DLQR applied to grid-forming converters.Almeida, Pedro Machado de; Ribeiro, Adeilson da Silva Borges; Souza, Igor Dias Neto de; Fernandes, Marcelo Carvalho; Fogli, Gabriel Azevedo; Cuk, Vladimir; Barbosa, Pedro Gomes; Ribeiro, Paulo Fernando
2020Determination of phase jumps in the measurement of phase velocity of samples obeying a frequency power-law attenuation coefficient using Kramers-Kronig relations.Elvira, Luis; Tiago, Marcelo Moreira; Yoza, Suelen Akemi Nakazato; Kitano, Claudio; Higuti, Ricardo Tokio
2020Dispatchable distributed generation using a back-to-back converter for grid-forming improvements based on feed-forward action with load current prediction.Fogli, Gabriel Azevedo; Souza, Igor Dias Neto de; Fernandes, Marcelo Carvalho; Almeida, Pedro Machado de; Barbosa, Pedro Gomes