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Title: Low-cost hardware-in-the-loop for real-time simulation of electric machines and electric drive.
Authors: Bastos, Renan Fernandes
Silva, Fernando Bento
Aguiar, Cassius Rossi de
Fuzato, Guilherme Henrique Favaro
Machado, Ricardo Quadros
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: BASTOS, R. F.; SILVA, F. B.; AGUIAR, C. R. de. et al. Low-cost hardware-in-the-loop for real-time simulation of electric machines and electric drive. IET Electric Power Applications, v. 14, p. 1679-1685, 2020. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 29 abr. 2022.
Abstract: This study aims to present the discrete models and the methodology to implement real-time simulations of electric machines using a low-cost digital signal processor (DSP). The DC machine and the three-phase induction machine are modelled in real-time using a Texas Instruments DSP TMS28379D, where the discrete models are implemented using C language. A minimum time-step of 1 μs can be achieved for the DC machine and 1.5 μs for the inductions machine in the experimental hardware. To validate the described models and show their precision, they are compared with commercial computational models from PSIM®. In addition, closed-loop speed control strategies are applied to the real-time DSP experimental models, showing perfect concordance with the machine theory. For the DC machine, a speed control strategy with an inner current control loop is applied and for the induction machine, a field-oriented control for the speed control. The proposed real-time simulation hardware has a great potential for low-budget research and educational purposes since it can replace a real machine setup for a very low price, with great accuracy, variable parameters and free from risks, such as accidents or equipment damage. Furthermore, it uses cheap hardware with free software and a high-level programing language.
ISSN: 17518660
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