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Title: Multi-objective approach for power quality monitor allocation with symmetry in short-duration voltage variations.
Authors: Martins, Paulo Estevão Teixeira
Zvietcovich, Wilingthon Guerra
Silva, Thiago Augusto de Oliveira
Oliveira, Fernando Bernardes de
Keywords: Electric faults
State estimation
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: MARTINS, P. E. T. et al. Multi-objective approach for power quality monitor allocation with symmetry in short-duration voltage variations. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, v. 34, n. 2, p. 430-437, abr. 2019. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 mar. 2020.
Abstract: In this paper, we present a new approach for solving the problem of power quality monitors optimal allocation, for the monitoring of short-duration voltage variations (SDVVs) caused by a fault condition in a power grid system. The problem is treated in a multiobjective perspective with two optimal criteria: minimization of the number of power quality monitors (PQMs) and maximization of the number of identified faults. Nonidentification of an event can occur as a result of symmetry conditions in the network, i.e., in cases where two or more faults generate the same signals in some buses, which leads to ambiguity in the monitoring results. Symmetry increases the complexity of both the problem formulation and solution. The problem is described as a multiobjective discrete optimization problem and is solved by the Algorithm for Bicriteria Discrete Optimization (ABCDO) within reasonable computational time. That approach was tested in power grids of different characteristics and sizes. The results demonstrate the proposed methodology applicability for solving the problem in real-size networks.
ISSN: 1937-4208
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