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Title: Cluster analysis for slope geotechnical prioritization of intervention for the Estrada de Ferro Vitória-Minas.
Authors: Silva, Denise de Fátima Santos da
Santos, Allan Erlikhman Medeiros
Ferreira, Bruno Trindade
Pereira, Tiago Martins
Corteletti, Rosyelle Cristina
Keywords: Geotechnical prioritization of intervention of railway slopes
Cluster analysis
Estrada de Ferro Vitória-Minas
Landslide scars
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: SILVA, D. de F. S. da et al. Cluster analysis for slope geotechnical prioritization of intervention for the Estrada de Ferro Vitória-Minas. REM - International Engineering Journal, v. 71, p. 167-173. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 25 abr. 2017.
Abstract: This article proposes the geotechnical prioritization of intervention of slopes with landslide scars for the Estrada de Ferro Vitória-Minas by cluster analysis and also the proposition of a relationship between area and volume in landslide scars. Cluster definition helps the decision-making associated to containment measures, mapping and study of landslides for the Estrada de Ferro Vitória-Minas. The database is composed of the variables: slope’s height, inclination, scar area and scar volume. The distance measure used was Gower’s index, with Ward’s methods to build the clusters. Eight characteristic groups were identified. It was possible to identify stretches that need attention in relation to the propensity of landslides, such as Group 7, stretches 362+600, 093+xxxE and 419+000. Group 7 presented high values for the scarred area and volume, such as maximum area 9.75 x 104 m² and minimum area 7.49 x 104 m², and maximum volume 9.20 x 105 m³ and minimum volume 4.08 x105 m³. Group 7 presented high ranges for slope height and inclination. The set of results about Group 7 can be interpreted as stretches with a predisposition for landslides. In relation to intervention measures, Group 7 presents the sections with priority. The relationship between area and volume of landslide scars obtained by the research was compared with the relationships established in literature.
ISSN: 18070360
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