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Title: Quantitative hazard assessment system (Has-Q) for open pit mine slopes.
Authors: Santos, Tatiana Barreto dos
Lana, Milene Sabino
Pereira, Tiago Martins
Canbulat, Ismet
Keywords: Hazard assessment
Risk analysis
Multivariate statistics
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: SANTOS, T. B. de et al. Quantitative hazard assessment system (Has-Q) for open pit mine slopes. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, v. 28, p. 101016, 2018. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 fev. 2019.
Abstract: Rock slope hazard assessment is an important part of risk analysis for open pit mines. The main parameters that can lead to rock slope failures are the parameters traditionally used in geomechanical classifications, the slope geometrical parameters and external factors like rainfall and blasting. This paper presents a methodology for a hazard assessment system for open pit mine slopes based on 88 cases collated around the world using principal components analysis, discriminant analysis and confidence ellipses. The historical cases used in this study included copper, gold, iron, diamond, lead and zinc, platinum and claystone mines. The variables used in the assessment methodology are uniaxial compressive strength of intact rock; spacing, persistence, opening, roughness, infilling and orientation of the main discontinuity set; weathering of the rock mass; groundwater; blasting method; and height and inclination of the pit. While principal component analysis was used to quantify the data, the discriminant analysis was used to establish a rule to classify new slopes about its stability condition. To provide a practical hazard assessment system, confidence ellipses were used to propose a hazard graph and generate the HAS-Q. The discriminant rule developed in this research has a high discrimination capacity with an error rate of 11.36%.
ISSN:  2095-2686
metadata.dc.rights.license: This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license ( Fonte: o próprio artigo
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