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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Measuring and comparing the ignition delay time of the reference diesel, convectional diesel, additive ethanol and biodiesel from soybean oil using a shock tube.Santana, Cláudio Márcio; Barros, José Eduardo Mautone; Almeida Junior, Helder Alves de; Braga, Jorgimara de Oliveira; Bosch Neto, Juan Canellas
2020The golden mussel proteome and its response to niclosamide : uncovering rational targets for control or elimination.Sanson, Ananda Lima; Cosenza Contreras, Miguel de Jesus; Marco, Ricardo De; Neves, Leandro Xavier; Mattei, Bruno; Silva, Gustavo Gonçalves; Magalhães, Paulo Henrique Vieira; Andrade, Milton Hércules Guerra de; Borges, William de Castro
2020An approach to torque and temperature thread by thread on tapping.Pereira, Igor Cezar; Vianello, Pedro Ivo Alves; Boing, Denis; Guimarães, Gilmar; Silva, Marcio Bacci da
2020Development of a low-cost instrumentation system applied to an electrolytic cell.Reis, Gemírson de Paula dos; Matos, Saulo Neves; Rêgo Segundo, Alan Kardek; Leal, Elisângela Martins; Figueiredo, Robson Lage
2020Tire pyrolysis oil in Brazil : potential production and quality of fuel.Gamboa, Alexander Alberto Rodriguez; Rocha, Ana Maura Araújo; Santos, Leila Ribeiro dos; Carvalho Junior, João Andrade de
2020Analysis of a hybrid molten carbonate fuel cell and gas turbine cycle.Leal, Elisângela Martins; Silva, Barbara Emanuelle Sanches; Leal Júnior, Amauri Menezes
2020Stability analysis for the Chua circuit with cubic polynomial nonlinearity based on root locus technique and describing function method.Rocha, Ronilson; Medrano Torricos, Rene Orlando