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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Multi-objective approach for multiple clusters detection in data points events.Bodevan, Emerson Cotta; Duczmal, Luiz Henrique; Duarte, Anderson Ribeiro; Silva, Pedro Henrique Lopes; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates
2019Patient safety in primary health care and polypharmacy : cross-sectional survey among patients with chronic diseases.Araújo, Lorena Ulhôa; Santos, Delba Fonseca; Bodevan, Emerson Cotta; Cruz, Hellen Lilliane da; Souza, Jacqueline de; Barcellos, Neila Marcia Silva
2011Voronoi distance based prospective space-time scans for point data sets : a dengue fever cluster analysis in a southeast Brazilian town.Duczmal, Luiz Henrique; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates; Duczmal, Denise Bulgarelli; Takahashi, Ricardo Hiroshi Caldeira; Magalhães, Flávia Costa Oliveira; Bodevan, Emerson Cotta