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Title: Increased α1-adrenoreceptor activity is required to sustain blood pressure in female rats under food restriction.
Authors: Souza, Aline Maria Arlindo de
Menezes, Rodrigo Cunha Alvim de
Abreu, Aline Rezende Ribeiro de
Araujo, Glaucy Rodrigues de
Costa, Daniela Caldeira
Chianca Júnior, Deoclécio Alves
Keywords: Cardiovascular reflexes
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: SOUZA, A. M. A. de. et al. Increased α1-adrenoreceptor activity is required to sustain blood pressure in female rats under food restriction. Life Sciences, v. 128, p. 55-63, 2015. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 15 out. 2015.
Abstract: Aims: Weevaluated the effect of food restriction (FR) on the various reflexes involved in short termcardiovascular regulation; we also evaluated the contribution of the sympathetic nervous systemand of the plasmatic nitric oxide (NO) in the development of the counterregulatory cardiovascular changes triggered by FR. Main methods: Female rats were subjected to FR for 14 days, and after this period biochemical measurements of biochemical parameterswere performed. For physiological tests, animalswere anaesthetised, and a catheter was inserted into the femoral artery and vein for the acquisition of blood pressure and heart hate, and drug infusion, respectively.We then tested the Bezold–Jarisch reflex, the baroreflex and chemoreflex and the effect of the infusion of adrenergic receptor antagonists in control and food restricted animals. Key findings: The rats subjected to severe FR presented biochemical changes characteristic ofmalnutrition with a great catabolic state. FR also led to hypotension and bradycardia besides reducing the plasmatic concentration of NO. Moreover, activation of the Bezold–Jarisch reflex induced a more pronounced hypotensive response in animals subjected to FR. Intravenous infusion of a α1-adrenoreceptor antagonist induced a greater hypotensive response and a more pronounced tachycardic response in animals under food restriction,while the infusion of β- adrenoreceptor antagonist induced lower increases in blood pressure in these animals. Significance: Our results suggest that an increased α1-adrenoreceptor activity in the resistance arteries coupled with a reduction of plasmatic NO contributes in a complementary manner to maintain the blood pressure levels in animals under FR.
ISSN: 0024-3205
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