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dc.identifier.citationVALE, I. N. P. C. do et al. Laboratorial algorithm for serological diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis using rK39-ICT, DAT-LPC and FC-Simplex IgG1. Journal of Immunological Methods, v. 480, p. 112765, 2020. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 jun. 2021.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractThe performance of distinct serological tests (rK39-ICT, IFAT, DAT-LPC, FC-Simplex IgG1) was assessed and a laboratorial algorithm was proposed for accurate diagnosis of VL. DAT-LPC and FC-Simplex IgG1 showed outstanding accuracy (AUC = 0.93) to identify VL patients. The use of a sequential serological algorithm (rK39-ICT screening followed by DAT-LPC or FC-Simplex IgG1) improved the global accuracy for VL (97.2%) diagnosis. An alternative approach for diagnosis of VL has been also assessed for interchangeable use of serum/whole blood lysate samples in DAT-LPC and FC-Simplex IgG1. Our data showed an outstanding agreement for the results obtained with whole blood lysate samples as compared to serum samples (DAT-LPC =100%; FC-Simplex IgG1 = 99%). Together, these findings provide insights to improve the current overall accuracy of VL diagnosis and present innovative laboratorial tests and alternative samples from use in public health services.pt_BR
dc.titleLaboratorial algorithm for serological diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis using rK39-ICT, DAT-LPC and FC-Simplex IgG1.pt_BR
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