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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Estimativa do risco à saúde humana segundo o teor de mercúrio presente em sushi e sashimi.Alves, Jeanne Clécia
2017Risk estimation to human health caused by the mercury content of Sushi and Sashimi sold in Japanese restaurants in Brazil.Alves, Jeanne Clécia; Paiva, Esther Lima de; Milani, Raquel Fernanda; Bearzoti, Eduardo; Morgano, Marcelo Antonio; Quintaes, Késia Diego
2016Sushi commercialized in Brazil : organic Hg levels and exposure intake evaluation.Paiva, Esther Lima de; Alves, Jeanne Clécia; Milani, Raquel Fernanda; Boer, Bárbara Sia; Quintaes, Késia Diego; Morgano, Marcelo Antonio