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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Birthplace of the São Francisco craton, Brazil : evidence from 3.60-3.64 Ga gneisses of the Mairi gneiss complex.Oliveira, Elson Paiva de; McNaughton, Neal Jesse; Zincone, Stéfano Albino; Talavera, Cristina
2017Detrital zircon U-Pb ages as evidence for deposition of the Saúde Complex in a Paleoproterozoic foreland basin, northern S~ao Francisco Craton, Brazil.Zincone, Stéfano Albino; Barbuena, Danilo; Oliveira, Elson Paiva de; Baldim, Maurício Rigoni
2017Field and geochronological evidence for origin of the Contendas-Mirante supracrustal Belt, São Francisco Craton, Brazil, as a Paleoproterozoic foreland basin.Zincone, Stéfano Albino; Oliveira, Elson Paiva de
2021High-K granites between the Archean Gavião and Jequié blocks, São Francisco craton, Brazil : implications for cratonization and amalgamation of the Rhyacian Atlantica continent.Zincone, Stéfano Albino; Oliveira, Elson Paiva de; Ribeiro, Bruno Pinto; Marinho, Moacyr Moura