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Title: Xanthones from Kielmeyera rubriflora.
Authors: Gottlieb, Otto Richard
Mesquita, Antônio Augusto Lins
Nagem, Tanus Jorge
Issue Date: 1971
Citation: GOTTLIEB, O. R.; MESQUITA, A. A. L.; NAGEM, T. J. Xanthones from Kielmeyera rubriflora. Phytochemistry, v. 10, p. 2253-2255, 1971. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 05 jun. 2012.
Abstract: Kielmeyera rubriflora Camb. contains 2_hydroxyxanthone, 2,4-dimethoxy-3-hydroxyxanthone, 2,3-dimethoxy-4_hydroxyxanthone, 4-hydroxy-2,3-methylenedioxyxanthone, 4-methoxy-2,3-methylenedioxyxanthone and 1,7-dimethoxy-2,3,&trihydroxyxanthone (Ia).
ISSN: 00319422
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