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Title: A trivium curriculum for mathematics based on literacy, matheracy, and technoracy : an ethnomathematics perspective.
Authors: Rosa, Milton
Orey, Daniel Clark
Keywords: Numeracy
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: ROSA, M.; OREY, D. C. A trivium curriculum for mathematics based on literacy, matheracy, and technoracy: an ethnomathematics perspective. ZDM, Berlin, v. 47, p. 587-598, 2015. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 abr. 2017.
Abstract: In an ethnomathematics-based program there exists the need for teachers to identify pedagogical actions in the form of teaching–learning practices. In this theoretical paper we outline a curriculum proposal based on D’Ambrosio’s Trivium, composed of literacy, matheracy, and technoracy. The Trivium supports the development of school activities based on a foundation of ethnomathematics and modelling. In this curriculum, literacy is the capacity students have to process information present in their daily lives; matheracy is the capacity students have to interpret and analyze signs and codes in order to propose models and to find solutions for problems faced daily; and technoracy is the capacity students have to both use and combine different instruments in order to help them to solve problems. Numeracy plays an important role in this curriculum.
ISSN: 1863-9704
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