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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019O que conhecemos de todos o cosmos?Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider
2019Modified gravity away from a ΛCDM background.Oliveira, Guilherme Brando de; Falciano, Felipe Tovar; Linder, Eric; Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider
2019Flavour composition and entropy increase of cosmological neutrinos after decoherence.Boriero, Daniel Francisco; Schwarz, Dominik J.; Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider
2019Existence of static spherically-symmetric objects in action-dependent Lagrangian theories.Fabris, Júlio César; Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider; Wojnar, Aneta Magdalena
2019The effective field theory of dark energy diagnostic of Linear Horndeski Theories After GW170817 and GRB170817A.Perenon, Louis; Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider
2020Astrobiologia: como modelar o crescimento de organismos na Terra e em exoplanetas.Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider; Silva, Alcides Volpato Carneiro de Castro e; Pinheiro, Carlos Felipe Saraiva
2021Stellar structure in a Newtonian Theory with variable G.Fabris, Júlio César; Costa, Tulio Ottoni Ferreira da; Toniato, Júnior Diniz; Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider
2020Matéria escura, energia escura e a busca por uma nova teoria para a gravitação.Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider
2021Early-time thermalization of cosmic components? A hint for solving cosmic tensions.Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider; Costa, Ingrid; Wilhelm, Zimdahl Winfried Ernst
2020On (non-)dynamical dark energy.Wilhelm, Zimdahl Winfried Ernst; Fabris, Júlio César; Velten, Hermano Endlich Schneider; González Herrera, Manuel Ramón