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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Gastrulation as a self-organized symmetry breaking process.Silva, Alcides Volpato Carneiro de Castro e; Bernardes, Américo Tristão
1996Dynamics of interacting polymer chains and solvents.Pandey, R. B.; Bernardes, Américo Tristão; Foo, G. M.; Stauffer, Dietrich
1996Mutation load and the extinction of large populations.Bernardes, Américo Tristão
1997Immune network at the edge of chaos.Bernardes, Américo Tristão; Santos, Rita Maria Zorzenon dos
2010Modeling economic growth fuelled by science and technology.Ribeiro, Leonardo Costa; Bernardes, Américo Tristão; Ruiz, Ricardo Machado; Albuquerque, Eduardo da Motta e
1995The stable-chaotic transition on cellular automata used to model the immune repertoire.Santos, Rita Maria Zorzenon dos; Bernardes, Américo Tristão
2003Survival-extinction phase transition in a bit-string population with mutation.Fehsenfeld, Kathia Mariane; Dickman, Ronald; Bernardes, Américo Tristão
2009Análise numérica bidimensional da morfologia dendrítica do níquel e do ferro utilizando o método de campo de fase.Furtado, Henrique Silva; Bernardes, Américo Tristão; Machado, Romuel Figueiredo; Silva, Carlos Antônio da
2011The diffusion of technological knowledge through interlaced networks.Ribeiro, Leonardo Costa; Ruiz, Ricardo Machado; Albuquerque, Eduardo da Motta e; Bernardes, Américo Tristão
2005National system of innovation and technological differentiation : a multi- country evolutionary model (preliminary version).Bernardes, Américo Tristão; Ruiz, Ricardo Machado; Ribeiro, Leonardo Costa; Albuquerque, Eduardo da Motta e