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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Cell response and corrosion behavior of electrodeposited diamond-like carbon films on nanostructured titanium.Manhabosco, Taíse Matte; Martins, Leo Anderson Meira; Tamborim, Silvia Margonei Mesquita; Ilha, Mariana; Vieira, M. Q.; Guma, Fátima Costa Rodrigues; Muller, Iduvirges Lourdes
2015Nano e microfibras luminescentes à base de poli[2-metóxi,5-etil(2-hexilóxi)parafenilenovinileno] - MEH-PPV e poli (cloreto de vinila) – PVC.Braga, Nathália Oliveira
2011Tribological, electrochemical and tribo-electrochemical characterization of bare and nitrided Ti6Al4V in simulated body fluid solution.Manhabosco, Taíse Matte; Tamborim, Silvia Margonei Mesquita; Santos, C. B. dos; Muller, Iduvirges Lourdes
2012Effective nucleon mass and thermodynamics in the quark-meson coupling model.Wu, Chen; Ma, Yu-Gang; Kumar, Sanjeev; Cao, Xi-Guang; Qian, Weiliang
2012Quark deconfinement phase transition in nuclear matter for improved quark mass density-dependent model.Wu, Chen; Qian, Weiliang; Ma, Yu-Gang; Zhang, Guo-Qiang; Kumar, Sanjeev
2013Supramolecular hydrogen-bonding networks in the 1-(diaminomethylenene)thiouron-1-ium 4-hydroxybenzoate, 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate and 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoate monohydrate crystals.Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Janczak, Jan
2011Structural and spectroscopic characterisation of bis[1-(diaminomethylene)thiouron-1-ium] fumarate.Janzac, Jan; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio
2012Hydrogen-bonding network in the crystal of bis[1-(diaminomethylene)thiouron-1-ium] oxalate.Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Janczak, Jan
2010Hydrogen-bonding network in the crystal of 1-(diaminomethylene)thiouron-1-ium picrate.Janzac, Jan; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio
2014Hidden symmetries of dynamics in classical and quantum physics.Cariglia, Marco