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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Dynamics of interacting polymer chains and solvents.Pandey, R. B.; Bernardes, Américo Tristão; Foo, G. M.; Stauffer, Dietrich
1996Mutation load and the extinction of large populations.Bernardes, Américo Tristão
1997Immune network at the edge of chaos.Bernardes, Américo Tristão; Santos, Rita Maria Zorzenon dos
1995The stable-chaotic transition on cellular automata used to model the immune repertoire.Santos, Rita Maria Zorzenon dos; Bernardes, Américo Tristão
1999Comparing curvature estimation techniques.Estrozi, Leandro Farias; Bianchi, Andrea Gomes Campos; Rios Filho, Luiz Gonzaga; César Júnior, Roberto Marcondes; Costa, Luciano da Fontoura
1997Roughness exponents to calculate multi-affine fractal exponentsSilva, Alcides Volpato Carneiro de Castro e; Moreira, José Guilherme Martins Alves
1993Cation self-diffusion in (Th-5%U)O2.Sabioni, Antônio Claret Soares; Lameiras, Fernando Soares; Cardoso, Paulo Edson
1998Oxygen self-diffusion in a cordierite glass.Sabioni, Antônio Claret Soares; Zanotto, Edgar Dutra; Millot, F.; Tuller, H. L.
1991Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of the [Ni(HDPE)2][NO3]2.2H2O.Levy, Noel Massinhan; Neves, Ademir; Franco, César Vitorio; Cota, André Barros; Castellano, Eduardo Ernesto; Mascarenhas, Yvone Primerano
1997The reference state for finite coherent states.Lobo, Augusto César; Nemes, Maria Carolina