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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Enriquecimento ambiental em zoológicos brasileiros : em busca do bem-estar animal.Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de; Ferreira, Luciana Barçante
2018Does scale matter? The influence of threelevel spatial scales on forest bird occurrence in a tropical landscape.Duarte, Tulaci Bhakti Faria; Goulart, Fernando Figueiredo; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de; Antonini, Yasmine
2019Effects of the neutral household detergent on the behaviour and personality of guppy Poecilia reticulata (Peters, 1859) (Osteichthyes: Poeciliidae).Lopes, João Victor Saraiva Raimondi; Young, Robert John; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de
2019Impacts of food-based enrichment on behaviour and physiology of male greater rheas (Rhea Americana, Rheidae, Aves).Lima, Márcia Fontes Figueiredo; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de; Young, Robert John; Furtado, Priscila Viau
2019Knowledge gaps regarding frugivorous ecological networks between birds and plants in Brazil.Baldiviezo, Cristian Daniel Veliz; Passos, Marcela Fortes de Oliveira; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de
2020Captive-born collared peccaries learning about their predators : lessons learnt but not remembered.Faria, Carlos Magno de; Sá, Fernanda de Souza; Costa, Dhiordan Deon Lovenstain; Silva, Mariane Mendes da; Silva, Beatriz Cristiana da; Young, Robert John; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de
2019Lethal concentration (LC50) (120h) of neutral household detergent Limpol in guppy Poecilia reticulata.Lopes, João Victor Saraiva Raimondi; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de
2019Factors affecting space use by wild boars (Sus scrofa) in high-elevation tropical forests.Morais, T. A.; Rosa, Clarissa Alves da; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de; Viana-Junior, A. B.; Santos, P.; Passamani, Marcelo
2017Microhabitat structure and food availability modelling a small mammal assemblage in restored riparian forest remnants.Corrêa, Matheus Rocha Jorge; Bellagamba, Yuri M.; Magalhães, Adriele Prisca de; Martins, Joice Paiva Vidigal; Cruz, Antônio Jorge do Rosário; Kozovits, Alessandra Rodrigues; Messias, Maria Cristina Teixeira Braga; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de
2020Birds of prey (Accipitriformes and Falconiformes) of Serra de Itabaiana National Park, northeastern Brazil.Silva, Cleverton da; Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini de; Ruiz-Esparza Aguilar, Juan Manuel; Ribeiro, Adauto de Souza