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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The use of administrative sanctions to prevent environmental damage in impact assessment follow-ups.Garcia, Luiz Carlos; Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro
2018Technical quality of fauna monitoring programs in the environmental impact assessments of large mining projects in southeastern Brazil.Dias, Amanda Monique da Silva; Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro; Paglia, Adriano Pereira
2018Privatizar ou não privatizar? Uma análise longitudinal dos serviços de abastecimento de água no Brasil.Cabral, Lorena Soares Laia; Rodrigues, Erica Castilho; Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro
2020Reviewers’ perceptions of the volume of information provided in environmental impact statements : the case for refocusing attention on what is relevant.Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro; Rivera Fernández, Germán Marino
2019Manufacturing pre-decisions : a comparative analysis of environmental impact statement (EIS) reviews in Brazil and Portugal.Rocha, Caroline Priscila Fan; Ramos, Tomás Barros; Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro
2020Testing an ex-ante framework for the evaluation of impact assessment laws : lessons from Canada and Brazil.Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro; Gibson, Robert B.
2020Methodological pluralism in environmental impact prediction and significance evaluation : a case for standardization?Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro; Brito, Ludmila Ladeira Alves de; Gibson, Robert B.
2020Compensating deforestation with forest surplus : key regulatory issues within Brazil's atlantic forest.Cruz, Júlio César da; Barella, Cesar Falcão; Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro
2021A sustainability-oriented framework for the application of industrial byproducts to the base layers of low-volume roads.Gomes, Guilherme José Cunha; Magalhães, Adair José de; Rocha, Fabiano Lucindo Lima da; Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro
2021To what extent are threatened plant species considered in impact assessment decision-making? : insights from southeastern Brazil.Pimenta, Mariana Antunes; Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro