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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013No relationship between the amount of DNA damage and the level of hMLH1 and RASSF1A gene expression in bladder cancer cells treated with cisplatin and gemcitabine.Camargo, Elaine Aparecida de; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Gobette, Camila Pereira; Marcondes, João Paulo de Castro; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero
2017Cytotoxic and toxicogenomic effects of silibinin in bladder cancer cells with different TP53 status.Oliveira, Daiane Teixeira de; Sávio, André Luiz Ventura; Marcondes, João Paulo de Castro; Barros, Tatiane Martins Barcelos; Barbosa, Ludmila Correia; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da
2019Genetic alterations in patients with two clinical phenotypes of multiple sclerosis.Feliciano, Luciana Maria; Sávio, André Luiz Ventura; Marcondes, João Paulo de Castro; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero
2014Citral and eugenol modulate DNA damage and pro-inflammatory mediator genes in murine peritoneal macrophages.Porto, Marília de Paula; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Luperini, Bruno Cesar Ottoboni; Pinelli, Tatiana Fernanda Bachiega; Marcondes, João Paulo de Castro; Sforcin, José Maurício; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero