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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Role of selective cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitor celecoxib in canine osteosarcoma cell culture.Bersano, Paulo R. O.; Alves, Maria T. S.; Gartner, Maria F. M. R.; Ferrasi, Adriana Camargo; Lima Neto, João Ferreira de; Alvarenga, Fernanda da Cruz Landim e; Vexenat, Stephane Cássia; Alves, Carlos Eduardo Fonseca; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Rocha, Noeme Sousa
2013No relationship between the amount of DNA damage and the level of hMLH1 and RASSF1A gene expression in bladder cancer cells treated with cisplatin and gemcitabine.Camargo, Elaine Aparecida de; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Gobette, Camila Pereira; Marcondes, João Paulo de Castro; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero
2014MRE11A and SKP2 genes are associated with the increased cytotoxicity induced by the synergistic effects of cisplatin and gemcitabine in bladder cancer cells.Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Camargo, Elaine Aparecida de; Sávio, André Luiz Ventura; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero
2014Relationship between head and neck cancer therapy and some genetic endpoints.Minicucci, Eliana Maria; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero
2014Cell adhesion and growth on surfaces modified by plasma and ion implantation.Araujo, Wagner Wlysses Rodrigues de; Teixeira, Fernanda de Sá; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero; Salvadori, Maria Cecília Barbosa da Silveira
2013In vitro targeting of Polo-like kinase 1 in bladder carcinoma : comparative effects of four potent inhibitors.Brassesco, María Sol; Pezuk, Julia Alejandra; Morales, Andressa Gois; Oliveira, Jaqueline Carvalho de; Roberto, Gabriela Molinari; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Oliveira, Harley Francisco de; Scrideli, Carlos Alberto; Tone, Luiz Gonzaga
2017Cytotoxic and toxicogenomic effects of silibinin in bladder cancer cells with different TP53 status.Oliveira, Daiane Teixeira de; Sávio, André Luiz Ventura; Marcondes, João Paulo de Castro; Barros, Tatiane Martins Barcelos; Barbosa, Ludmila Correia; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da
2017Gemcitabine/cisplatin treatment induces concomitant sertad1, cdkn2b and gadd45a modulation and cellular changes in bladder cancer cells regardless of the site of TP53 mutation.Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Filoni, Leandro Toshio; Salvadori, Maria Cecília Barbosa da Silveira; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero
2015Inhibition of bladder cancer cell proliferation by allyl isothiocyanate(mustard essential oil).Sávio, André Luiz Ventura; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Salvadori, Daisy Maria Fávero
2013Spontaneous mammary carcinomas in female dogs : association between the immunohistochemical degree of aggressiveness of tumors, intensity of DNA damage and residues of pyrethroids.Brandão, Yara de Oliveira; Colodel, Marcia Moleta; Silva, Glenda Nicioli da; Vexenat, Stephane Cássia; Ferreira, Isabelle; Silva, Yamê Fabres Robaina Sancler da; Bulla, Camilo; Rocha, Noeme Sousa