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Title: Interaction, collaboration and authoring in augmented reality environments.
Authors: Kirner, Cláudio
Santin, Rafael
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: KIRNER, C.; SANTIN, R. Interaction, collaboration and authoring in augmented reality environments.. In. XI Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality 16., 2009. Porto Alegre. Anais... Porto Alegre: SBC, 2009. v. 11. p. 210-220. Disponível em: < Acesso em: 01 dez; 2012.
Abstract: This paper describes the design of an augmented reality authoring system for end-users (aras-eu), focusing interaction, collaboration and authoring in augmented reality applications, showing the strategies adopted in each case. Interaction was emphasized in all levels of the system, resulting in the presentation of taxonomy of selection, manipulation and release techniques applied to augmented reality environments. We discuss the implementation of the system and an application related to the assembly process of a virtual helicopter in an augmented reality environment. We also considered aspects of the system structure and its support to work as a collaborative application based on distributed system.
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