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Title: Effect of physical training on exercise-induced inflammation and performance in mice.
Authors: Barcellos, Luiz Alexandre Medrado de
Gonçalves, William Antonio
Oliveira, Marcos Paulo Esteves de
Guimarães, Juliana Bohnen
Queiroz Júnior, Celso Martins
Resende, Carolina Braga de
Russo, Remo de Castro
Coimbra, Cândido Celso
Silva, Albená Nunes da
Teixeira, Mauro Martins
Gonçalves, Barbara Maximino Rezende
Silva, Vanessa Pinho da
Keywords: Muscular inflammation
Oxidative stress
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: BARCELLOS, L. A. M. et al. Effect of physical training on exercise-induced inflammation and performance in mice. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, v. 9, fev. 2021. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 jun. 2021.
Abstract: Acute exercise increases the amount of circulating inflammatory cells and cytokines to maintain physiological homeostasis. However, it remains unclear how physical training regulates exercise-induced inflammation and performance. Here, we demonstrate that acute high intensity exercise promotes an inflammatory profile characterized by increased blood IL-6 levels, neutrophil migratory capacity, and leukocyte recruitment to skeletal muscle vessels. Moreover, we found that physical training amplified leukocyte– endothelial cell interaction induced by acute exercise in skeletal muscle vessels and diminished exercise-induced inflammation in skeletal muscle tissue. Furthermore, we verified that disruption of the gp-91 subunit of NADPH-oxidase inhibited exerciseinduced leukocyte recruitment on skeletal muscle after training with enhanced exercise time until fatigue. In conclusion, the training was related to physical improvement and immune adaptations. Moreover, reactive oxygen species (ROS) could be related to mechanisms to limit aerobic performance and its absence decreases the inflammatory response elicited by exercise after training.
ISSN: 2296-634X
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