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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The emergency law : is it able to create a DRM system in Brazil?Gouveia, Antônio Maria Claret de
2020The precautionary principle and the risk concept.Gouveia, Antônio Maria Claret de; Gouveia, Alberto Frederico Vieira de Sousa; Serrano, Alessandra Marques; Soares, Melissa Manger; Versiani, Eduarda Veloso
2020Environmental compensation : means for repairing damage caused by usage of the area and protected natural resources.Gouveia, Antônio Maria Claret de; Serrano, Alessandra Marques; Gouveia, Alberto Frederico Vieira de Sousa; Silvério, Adriana Marques Serrano; Cavalcanti, Thiago Rodrigues
2019Influence of cooling methods on the residual mechanical behavior of fire-exposed concrete : an experimental study.Carvalho, Espedito Felipe Teixeira de; Silva Neto, João Trajano da; Soares Junior, Paulo Roberto Ribeiro; Maciel, Priscila de Souza; Fransozo, Hélder Luís; Bezerra, Augusto Cesar da Silva; Gouveia, Antônio Maria Claret de