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2020Determination of phase jumps in the measurement of phase velocity of samples obeying a frequency power-law attenuation coefficient using Kramers-Kronig relations.Elvira, Luis; Tiago, Marcelo Moreira; Yoza, Suelen Akemi Nakazato; Kitano, Claudio; Higuti, Ricardo Tokio
2019Development and characterization of medical phantoms for ultrasound imaging based on customizable and mouldable polyvinyl alcohol cryogel–based materials and 3-D printing : application to high-frequency cranial ultrasonography in infants.Elvira, Luis; Durán, Carmen; Higuti, Ricardo Tokio; Tiago, Marcelo Moreira; Ibáñez, Alberto; Parrilla, Montserrat; Valverde, Eva; Jiménez, Javier; Bassat, Quique
2019Versatile ultrasonic spectrometer for liquids with practical sample handling by using standard cuvettes.Tiago, Marcelo Moreira; Higuti, Ricardo Tokio; Oliveira, Samuel L.; Assunção, Edvaldo; Kitano, Claudio; Elvira, Luis