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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003An early warning system for space-time cluster detection.Assunção, Renato Martins; Tavares, Andréa Iabrudi; Kulldorff, Martin
2012Bayesian spatial models with a mixture neighborhood structure.Rodrigues, Erica Castilho; Assunção, Renato Martins
2014A closer look at the spatial exponential matrix specification.Rodrigues, Erica Castilho; Assunção, Renato Martins; Dey, Dipak K.
2015A critical look at prospective surveillance using a scan statistic.Correa, Thais Rotsen; Assunção, Renato Martins; Costa, Marcelo Azevedo
2015Exploring multiple evidence to inferusers’ location in twitter.Rodrigues, Erica Castilho; Assunção, Renato Martins; Pappa, Gisele Lobo; Renno, Diogo
2006Fast detection of arbitrarily shaped disease clusters.Assunção, Renato Martins; Costa, Marcelo Azevedo; Tavares, Andréa Iabrudi; Ferreira, Sabino José
2019In search of a stochastic model for the E-News Reader.Veloso, Bráulio Miranda; Assunção, Renato Martins; Ferreira, Anderson Almeida; Ziviani, Nivio
2013Optimal generalized truncated sequential Monte Carlo test.Silva, Ivair Ramos; Assunção, Renato Martins
2009Surveillance to detect emerging space time clusters.Assunção, Renato Martins; Correa, Thais Rotsen
2018Truncated sequential Monte Carlo test with exact power.Silva, Ivair Ramos; Assunção, Renato Martins