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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Triacylglycerols and body fat mass are possible independent predictors of C3 in apparently healthy young Brazilian adults.Volp, Ana Carolina Pinheiro; Barbosa, Kiriaque Barra Ferreira; Bressan, Josefina
2017Validation of metabolic syndrome and its self reported components in the CUME study.Miranda, Aline Elizabeth da Silva; Ferreira, Adaliene Versiani Matos; Oliveira, Fernando Luiz Pereira de; Hermsdorff, Helen Hermana Miranda; Bressan, Josefina; Pimenta, Adriano Marçal
2011Vitamin C and fibre consumption from fruits and vegetables improves oxidative stress markers in healthy young adults.Hermsdorff, Helen Hermana Miranda; Barbosa, Kiriaque Barra Ferreira; Volp, Ana Carolina Pinheiro; Puchau, Blanca; Bressan, Josefina; Zulet, Maria Angeles; Martínez, José Alfredo